Allen Ellis

Allen, a Pittsburgh native, is an award winning creative producer & motion graphic artist. His extensive experience with After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Premiere started in 2005 and has carried him across the industry: from creative direction with non-profits to leading a post-production team at a national creative studio.

Emily Goode

Emily Goode, a Pittsburgh native, is an award winning director, editor, drone operator, and graphic effects artist. Her passion for filmmaking has taken her as far as Toronto, where she studied film at Ryerson University. Since then she has worked on over 40 films such as “David & Me”, available on Netflix, along with corporate clients such as American Eagle.

Ross Snyder

Ross, owner of White Tie Productions, our parent company, has been working in the event and creative industries for 10+ years. He has a degree in marketing from Arizona State University, which he uses to help our clients elevate their events and creative content to strategically reach their audiences.

Sam Fischbeck

“How hard could it be?” is the question that defines Samantha Fischbeck’s ethos. In her personal life, that means learning to play ice hockey (and learning to skate) as an adult and in her professional life as Friendship Creative’s Lead Full Stack Web Developer, it means keeping up with the latest innovations in web development, learning new things and making ideas come to life on the screen.

Tony Hanes

Tony is a Pittsburgh based graphic designer with a demonstrated history of working in the fine arts. He earned his BFA in Media Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from Robert Morris University, and specializes in branding and identity, packaging, illustration, and layout. Passionate about effectively communicating a client’s message with visuals has allowed him to work on a variety of projects and build a diverse body of work. Tony’s packaging concepts have earned him two Franklin Awards for Excellence in a juried showing presented by Alcom Printing.

Dallas Rogers

Having only once visited Texas, this Arizonian obtained her BFA in Photography from, you guessed it, Arizona State University. Dallas' burgeoning expertise in photography and graphic design fuels her boundless ambition: celebrating and championing others' growth and victories. Whether behind the computer, camera, or scenes at events, Dallas finds profound satisfaction in crafting immersive and timeless moments that people can cherish for a lifetime.

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